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Highlight Decorating

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When decorating for your wedding you will find that the costs for the reception can quickly get out of hand.  You can achieve an eye-popping effect by choosing certain elements and highlighting that area to get the biggest "bang for your buck".

The area I am talking about today is the ceiling above your dance floor.  By using colored paper lanterns (or all white) over this area you can create a stunning visual effect that will draw the eye to this area for between $48 - $75 depending on how large your dance area is and the size of the paper lanterns you choose to use.  We carry colored paper lanterns in 8 inch and 14 inch diameter and white only in 16 inch diameter.  

Use nylon fish string to hang the paper lanterns from the ceiling and vary the length of the line so that the largest lanterns are a little higher than the next smaller size and the smallest lanterns hang the lowest.  You will have a visual effect that is so dramatic that you can be more minimal in other areas and your guests will still feel that your party was decorated to wow!  Leaving some space between the lanterns will give the appearance that they are floating in space.