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Wedding Ideas

Sparkle Your Aisle


The tulle that lines your aisle as you walk towards your Groom adds a dreamy touch to your ceremony.  Adding some glittered tulle gives such a glamorous look and makes your day even more special.  Use this tulle in 2 or 3 of the swags that line the aisle for drama and outstanding looks.  We used the silver glitter tulle at our granddaughters wedding over the white tulle and were amazed at the comments from the guests.  It was a real WOW effect.  

Highlight Decorating

When decorating for your wedding you will find that the costs for the reception can quickly get out of hand.  You can achieve an eye-popping effect by choosing certain elements and highlighting that area to get the biggest "bang for your buck".The area I am talking about today is the ceiling above your dance floor. [...]

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Lazos with a modern twist

I have always thought the hispanic tradition of the Lazo and Arras used during the wedding ceremony to be both moving and inspirational.  It is a wonderful way of showing the unity of the bride and groom as a new couple.  In a Catholic church setting the Lazo is traditionally  very much like a rosary [...]

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